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August 29, 2018

The other day my wife and I discovered that our daughter has been learning sign language at her daycare! Can you imagine, a 16-month old using sign language and not just to say “Dad is #1” ? It’s true - and it’s awesome, especially because she’s learning how to communi...

December 31, 2015


Conventional or Synthetic?

10W30 or 0W20?

3,000 miles or 5 months?

THE MOST FUNDAMENTAL THING you can do to care for your car or truck is to change the oil and filter – and do it regularly. Engine oil serves 2 simple purposes:

  • Lubricate the internal moving parts of yo...

November 6, 2014

Check the owner’s manual to see if your driving habits are considered to be “severe service.” This type of driving requires more frequent oil changes, warns the Car Care Council. Have the oil changed accordingly, usually every 3-5,000 miles. For less wear and tear on t...

August 8, 2014

What is this? An oil and filter change involves draining out the old motor oil and replacing it with fresh, new motor oil. The oil filter also gets replaced at the same time. Should I do this service when it’s recommended?  In general, yes. Changing your vehicle’s oil...

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