Caring for Brevard County's cars and trucks like they were our own since 1959

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Our truck and fleet services include a  3-year 36K mile warranty on most parts.

What we offer our truck & fleet customers...

  • Pick up and drop off service available (delivery services available upon request)

  • 3-year 36k mile warranty on most parts

  • Interval management - keeping your vehicles serviced and on the road.

  • Vehicle and Service History - Helping you manage your fleet costs better

  • Priority service to keep your vehicles on the road!

How can we possible do all of this and still guarantee competitive pricing? 


We employ the top technicians in the industry and work extremely hard to be the most efficient fleet service provider possible.


We’ve built strong vendor relationships resulting in phenomenal buying power.

Our savings is your advantage because we pass those savings on to you!

End result: The best service package at the best price.