We Welcome a New Staff Member!

My Name is JP Snead, (the guy on the right) and I am a new Manager at Inmon Automotive. Now you may notice that my last name isn’t Inmon. Well, let me explain.

As a former athlete, I'm used to pushing myself past comfort and complacency to achieve a goal. So, when Ivan Inmon asked if I'd be interested in leaving a stable, yet very busy, position at a local business that I'd been at for 5 years to come learn the automotive repair industry, I said yes because who can pass on the chance to work for the best in-laws in the world?

Inmon Auto in an established mom and pop Auto shop that thrives on relationships and the way customers are treated. I was raised to live by the golden rules, and people want to trust their repair shops. How could I say no?

Now, before anyone starts spreading rumors, Terry and Ivan and Service writer Eric are not leaving anytime soon. You may not see Terry or Ivan behind the counter much, but they are very much involved in my training and support as I learn the office and management side of the business as well as get involved in the community. We've discussed it and Eric is NEVER allowed to leave either.... Never!

To start off I'd like to give you some background of where I come from and who I am. My family roots are farmers and teachers from Texas and shrimpers and fishermen from Louisiana. I was raised to value faith, family, hard work, good food and loyalty. All things I practice daily and live by example, more than I preach.

I was in Boy Scouts for years and love to be outdoors fishing, hunting and camping. As I got older I took up football and was just good enough to walk on to FSU after high school in the spring of 2000. (Go Noles!)

I played for one of the most challenging and respected men I've ever known. Coach Bowden taught us how to play football and become men of integrity, whether you win or lose. (We just didn't lose very often!) I don't flaunt the rings I received, overly brag about our victories, but I will always cheer for my team and support my school.

So, if you see us out and about, know my wife is way more of a fan than I am, and she is very vocal about it! Love you Lyndsay! PS we have a daughter due in May and I'm terrified.

The college years were some of the busiest and most rewarding of my life. At the time, I was juggling school, football and youth ministry to pay for school. I wouldn't trade it for the world!

After college, I put my 'Information and Technology' degree to work as I became a Commercial Landscape contractor. I really think I got the job because I could turn a computer on and the owner was a Bull Gator and thought it was funny to hire a Seminole!

Sixteen years later, multiple area codes and various job industries I am now in Brevard County and in Love with Merritt Island! I hope to retire here and make many new friends along the way. Please stop by so I can get to know you and your vehicles!

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