Don’t Trust the Luck of the Irish, Take Control!

Why trust luck when you can know the facts and be prepared! I’ve mentioned once or twice that our first child, a daughter, is due at the end of April. As a soon to be dad, I’m a bit nervous….to say the least. I weighed the options - wing it or prep - and decided to prep, and prep, and gather guns, and other weapons, and chastity belts, etc.!

I dragged the pre-prepping out as long as I could. Finally, my wife prevailed and the “Florida Girl/Flamingo” themed baby nursery is now complete. I have read a book or two, and have another book or two yet to read. We’re still preparing as much as we can for little Miss Blyth’s arrival.

I grew up a Boy Scout - “Be Prepared” right? And, I’m a guy who likes action movies. In fact, my favorite quote “Luck, often enough, will save a man, if his courage hold”, comes from just such a movie, “The 13th Warrior”. I’ve always leaned on this quote. I believe that if I am willing to put in the work, I will prevail. Add that to the “Be Prepared” Boy Scout training and it’s clear I’d rather be Good than Lucky any day. I’m trying to apply this to my rapidly growing Flamingo-girly themed life, and I’ll tell you it’s taking a lot to mentally wrap my head around it. My house is turning pinker by the day, but I’ll be ready!

It’s kind of like bringing your vehicle into a repair shop. Do you trust the ’Luck of the Irish’ that it will be fine, or, have you prepared and do you have the facts and do you know what you’re getting into?

Why would anyone trust luck when you can know the facts and be prepared? Take the luck out of it. Have your vehicle inspected and serviced regularly by our Automotive Service Excellence Certified technicians. (Less than half of the auto mechanics in the U.S. are certified)

We’ll keep you informed of the condition and reliability of your vehicle. Our Certified technicians inspect your vehicle from bumper to bumper every time you bring it in. We let you know the good, the bad, and the ugly, so you can have peace of mind as you chauffeur those who are dear to you from here to there.

We look at more than 50 items in 9 separate systems that keep your vehicle on the road and performing safely. We do this at NO COST to you. We help you prioritize and plan for any repairs or maintenance items that may be due, or might be on the horizon. It is important to us to keep you and your family safe, and to let you know what condition your vehicle is in. If knowledge is power, we want you to be king!

Seriously, by no means does my family think that maintaining a baby girl and maintaining a vehicle are comparable - but as a simple man I kind of like the comparison. I’m learning from other fathers, and reading (a lot!); you get out what you put in. I want to be proactive in her life, and in her Mom’s soccer van. I plan on being tied around my daughter's precious flamingo pink finger and helping with ballet, tea parties and every other lacey pink party she has planned; if I’m lucky, some of that just might be in pink cammo! (Do you think my wife will go for a pink Cammo Jeep?)

For you, I can not stress enough; maintain your vehicle the best you can to keep you and your family safe as you drive through your day to day lives.

May the Luck of the Irish find you...driving a well maintained vehicle!

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