Spring Cleaning

Last year at this time I was painting Easter eggs in pretty pastel colors, cleaning out the garage to declutter and doing a little spring cleaning. This year I’m immersed in the transformation of a bedroom into a nursery; pastel walls, filled with bunnies and birdies on the shelves, and a baby crib... that might as well be a giant Easter egg basket as we anticipate the birth of our new daughter. (My wife really has done a great job with the help of my fabulous mother in law, Terry! The baby room looks fabulous!) see pic below.

Easter is this coming Sunday and spring is in the air. We’re making changes as we prepare for the arrival of our little girl. Mostly throwing my stuff out so baby stuff can come in. And by baby stuff, I mean the over abundance of clothes, dolls and diapers - but mostly clothes that we are receiving - sorting and hanging as we prepare for the princess to arrive.

Our vehicles are a lot like our houses, and they could use some cleaning and refreshing from time to time too. Just like we look around the house to see what needs attention - what needs to go - what needs to be replaced - what needs to “freshening up”. Doing regular inspections and maintenance is not only a great idea, but it is proven that it drastically improves our moral - and it increases the reward sensors in our brains… I made that last part up, but I do know it dramatically improves the reliability and longevity of today’s cars and trucks. Besides, if you’re like me, I feel better when I clean my truck and the fact that the engine is as clean as the floorboard.

In all seriousness, all vehicles have maintenance schedules that are provided to help keep you on the road and have your vehicle last as long as they can. Changing out filters, spark plugs and wires and flushing out the various fluids in your vehicle's engines can increase performance, improve gas mileage and longevity of your vehicle.

As you are spring cleaning out closets and garages, take time to have the gunk cleaned out of your vehicle's engines for a happy, healthier time of year!

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