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Its definitely Summertime!

Things are heating up as a new parent along with the weather. Our journey into parenthood is going well so far and my wife and I even still like each other!

The baby is great as long as we feed her and change her diapers on her schedule. Key words

being HER schedule! We are having fun learning and adapting to sleep deprivation and we are just now starting to get those sweet little girl smiles that all my friends with daughters have been telling me about! We are truly blessed!

This blog is about AC work. I’ll have more stories about blowouts next month when we

talk about tires.

One trick of the trade we have learned is that our daughter passes out when we drive her

around in our vehicle, as long as the AC is working! We found this out the hard way and like

most of our friends and family as the temperature goes up, we find it a necessity to have our Air conditioning serviced to keep us cool and let Blyth nap if she gets too cranky. My wife’s Jeep is the main family car with car seat so when the AC does not blow as cold as needed, it gets pushed to the front of the bills to address.

Like some of our customers, we found that she has a very small leak in her AC system and we had the system tested, added infrared dye to locate the leak and refilled with refrigerant. The AC is blowing nice and cold and we will recheck to see where the dye is coming out in a few weeks,or if it starts blowing hot again sooner.

At Inmon Automotive, this is how we address most AC issues that come in. Some vehicles have a small leak that may or may not be easily found and we need to put dye to work to find it. Once the leak is located we address the issue and get that AC system sealed up like it’s supposed to be.

Now, some customers ask about the dye and does it make a mess. No it does not, it actually

glows a really cool yellow when we wear our super nifty NCIS investigative glasses and shine an infrared light in the engine. If you ever want to see this on your car, come on by and we can show you. Once we find the leak with the Dye or refrigerant sniffing device we address the repair.

Lastly, as shown below, we also can take care of custom AC jobs. Depending the classic car we can assist in aftermarket and retro AC designs and kits to help you Chill out in your Smoking Hot rides! As the temperature really starts to rise treat yourself to some cold AC!

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