Tires in July

Life as a father is getting better and better as we go. Our sweet little angel is really starting to have a personality and we are blessed with an abundance of smiles! Sweet Blyth is really starting to grow and develop the Michelin Man baby rolls and is about as cute as she can be! Along with her baby fat, she tends to have a blow out every now and again, and thank goodness she is still on milk because I hear the smell only gets worse going forward. I can probably keep going on with tire references for my daughter (which might come back to haunt me one day), so I should move on to our July topic, which is tires.

It may be me, but it seems that most people take their tires for granted. I heard a technician say one time that “Brakes stop your tires, but the tire stops your car”! It kind of puts the tires importance in perspective. I mean what good is a stopped tire if the car is sliding forward down the road towards disaster? Summertime brings lots of heat, and in Florida usually means we get lots of afternoon storms...and even worse, very large storms that spin and cause destruction, that I hope we avoid this year.

Below I’d like to leave you with a few tire care basics and some fun facts.

  • Tires are designed to wear out and be replaced. Different manufacturers claim different tire life expectancies depending on how much you drive and in what conditions as well as what quality of tire you choose. At Inmon Automotive, we take a realistic approach to tires. We put on good quality tires, that are reasonably priced and are tires we trust for our own family vehicles. With that said, if you have a favorite tire, we can accommodate.

  • Proper inflation will help your tire wear correctly and maximize the tire life.

  • Keeping your car aligned and tires rotated also helps the tires wear evenly. Front tires tend to wear out faster due to the weight and work load applied when braking the car. We suggest rotating tires every 6000 miles, that way you are constantly rotating out the front tires and using all four tires to the maximum efficiency. (There is one exception to the rotation rule. We strongly suggest keeping the best 2 tires on the front of the vehicle. Our thought is what good is traction if you cannot steer or control the vehicle?)

  • Tire pressure sensors are great for keeping an eye on your tire pressure, but nothing beats an old fashioned examination. We inspect your tires as part of every car inspection as a courtesy and to ensure your safety when you drive away. This allows us to make any repair suggestions to keep your tires wearing correctly.

Fun tire facts:

  • The natural color of rubber is white, not black. Manufacturers of tires add carbon black to rubber to increase various qualities that prolong the life of the tire. The carbon black increases road-wear abrasions of the produced tire by as much as 100-fold. It also improves the tensile strength by as much as 1,000 percent to rubber left untreated. Carbon black helps conduct heat away from troubled spots, such as tread and belt areas. Considering heat is one of the tires biggest enemies, this is a great advantage. (

  • The space shuttle’s main wheels are approximately the size of those found on an 18-wheeler. However, one space shuttle tire can support 142,000 pounds and is rated for 259 mph. (

  • Lego is the largest manufacturer of tires. The toy company produces 306 million of the little tires every year. (

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