August Means Football Road Trips and Back to School

Like most parents, August marks the end of Summer and the beginning of the School year. With the baby, nothing much changes for me but the wife will be back to work and that means we will be trusting our sweet baby to a day care. Now we were lucky and my wife was fortunate to take off time for a good maternity leave, but all good things must come to an end, and back to work she goes. That first day dropping the baby off should be exciting, to say the least.

The real excitement in August for us comes with road trips to watch our Florida State Seminoles play football and we get to celebrate my birthday at the end of the month. Like most fans we enjoy a quick weekend trip up to Tallahassee for a home game, or even the occasional road game to cheer on our team. If you're not a FSU fan, I promise I won’t hold it against you...until thanksgiving weekend, but that’s another topic. Having a newborn will add to the fun of the trips but we are still very excited! Keep an eye out for baby Nole outfits as I’m sure my wife has every game day attire planned out and all the aunts can’t wait to help accessorize!

Along with the road trips comes the pre-trip inspections. If you are planning on doing any traveling, whether it's a last-minute vacation before the school year starts or a long distant tailgate to cheer on your team, I highly suggest you have a certified technician look over your vehicle to avoid any issues. Come by and see me and I can tell you numerous stories about summer trips where the family van broke down either coming or going to grandma’s house when I was a kid. We can’t predict the future, but we can help avoid any known issues.

These days we take the time and have the team look over our vehicles to make sure we aren’t camping on the side of the road instead of cooking hotdogs at a tailgate. Our team looks over the vehicle's bumper to bumper to help eliminate any tow truck adventures while traveling.

One last thing as you ship your college kids off, or High schoolers around the corner, we have a “Car Care Club” that helps get your kids doing their standard maintenance on their vehicles. It’s a $425 value for ONLY $99! If you only do the Oil changes on the card, you will have saved money and paid for the card. You get the following:

  • 4 standard oil changes (synthetic and over 5 qts extra)

  • Free AC check

  • $60 off 30k, 60k or 90k service

  • $25 off any brake work

  • 1 free local towing ($65 value)

  • $25 off transmission flush

  • 1 free set of wiper blades

  • $20 off cooling system drain and fill

  • And 2 free tire rotations ($60 value)

These make great back to school gifts as well as get your pre trip oil change in!

From our family to yours, we hope this School year is memorable and we wish your teams and kid s the best of Luck! Go Noles!

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