"Brakes for Breasts" Program - Help us Make a Difference!

As much as I am looking forward to dressing Blyth up for Halloween this year, I’m more excited about our Brakes for Breasts program!

For the past few years Inmon Automotive has participated in “Brakes For Breasts”. It’s a program where our friends, family, and customers can get free brake pads or shoes and Inmon Automotive will donate 10% of any additional parts and labor to the Cleveland Clinic Cancer Vaccine Research. I’ve put some links below if anyone would like to donate additionally and so folks can research the program more.

I believe most people have had either friends or relatives with cancer and we feel it is important to help raise money for research so that maybe, one day, the next generation won’t have to deal with this horrible disease. Please spread the word!

Additional Donations:

Visit the website: www.BrakesforBreasts.org and click on the “Make a Donation” tab or go directly to the Cleveland Clinic giving page: giving.ccf.org/BrakesforBreasts.

Additional “Brakes for Breasts” Info:


Brakes for Breasts


Brakes for Breasts Channel

Cleveland Clinic's Giving Page

But...We can't forget Halloween!

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