Happy New Year!

Can you believe it is 2018? I’m not sure about you, but I feel I blinked and poof, 2017 is gone! Last year had some great times, like when my daughter was born, some sad times like losing a dear friend to a fight with Diabetes and lots of learning experiences in between. What a roller coaster this wonderful life is!

Like most folks I’ve already started a New Years resolution. Call it a cliche and Yes, of course it's to lose weight, be healthier and get off my couch. Here’s the difference and the thing that's going to separate me from the pack and help me succeed...Support! You see, I’ve joined a Crossfit Gym and no matter how you feel about Crossfit, what you’ve heard or even what you’ve experienced I love this gym! Quick shout out to Route 3 crossfit on Merritt Island. I work out at 5:45 am 4 times a week and the coaches and other members are what brings me back day after day. I haven’t had this much fun working out since my football days at FSU. These folks are real, down to earth, good hearted people that understand my limits and push me to be better. Yes it’s tough, and exhausting first thing in the morning, but i go and that's what's important. I Love them and know that when I miss a day, they notice and reach out. That’s what I mean...Support! If you ever want to check them out, let me know and I’ll point you to the owners.

Just like my friends and coaches at Route 3 Crossfit, Inmon Automotive gives your car support and helps keep it running and healthy. Everytime you come and see us, we offer friendly, honest assessments to keep your vehicles safe and on the road. We also offer a Car Care Club to save you some money and help support you maintaining your vehicle.

Our Car Care Club is on sale for $99 (normally $125) and saves you $425 in maintenance services. By purchasing the Care Care club you automatically save money on the 4 free oil changes if you do nothing else! This is a great gift for students and those loved ones that always make excuses to maintain their vehicle. Like most Gyms we cannot force anyone to show up, but we can offer you a book of savings to incentivise your maintenance and help your wallet out as well.

To all our friends: Happy New Year and may your resolutions find the support they need to get you where you want to go!

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