The ❤️️ Loves ❤️️ of My Life!

With February being the month of Love, I thought I would spend some time talking about the loves of my life, my wife and 9-month old daughter. And also, my “love” of Inmon Auto, including the family-friendly improvements we’ve made.

These two, like my mother-in-law before me, inspire me to be the best husband, father, and owner of Inmon Auto Repair shop (mostly you Terry).

As a husband, I have found that a “Happy wife leads to a happy life!”

As a father, I know my precious 9-month-old little angel will be more than willing and able to bend me to her will, whether it be a smile, a pout or hours of crying in her crib so she can sleep in my bed (yes, it’s gonna be a long ride and uphill battle)!

As a business owner, I’m learning that making parents and women happy and comfortable at our shop is important. We all know that women make sure everything works well and that men tend to ignore warning signs, whether they be a check-engine light or a pain that just won’t go away. So, we need to make sure that when someone brings their car or truck in, it is as comfortable as it can be for parents and women. If men like it, that’s okay too!

For example, now that I’m a father, I understand the need to have a place to change a diaper (and not have to balance over a sink or a toilet. Been there done that, no fun!) or the comfort of a little privacy if the baby needs to feed. I get it - and my office can be used privately as a place for either while a mom waits for her vehicle to be serviced.


Also, If you have young kids and need to wait for your repair, we offer a clean play

mat and a treasure chest of

prizes for good little “waiters”.

I think one of our greatest assets in making our shop more friendly is my fabulous mother-in-law, whom I ask for guidance often (she rocks)!

Not only do we have a place to be comfortable, but we just got a new roof and face-lift outside, and we strive to keep the inside clean and professional, that separates us from our competition.

Customer service is another area where we excel. (Check out our Google Reviews for what people say about us). We strive to treat everyone with respect and courtesy no matter their age, gender, race, etc., because you deserve that and the women in my life would tear my ear off if we treated anyone otherwise.

Come on by and check out our improvements. We’re always looking to improve.

To finish up, I want to announce a GAME for the month of February.

Go to our Facebook page and share a story as to "why you love your car, current or past."

Share a story and be eligible to win a $100 Visa card so you can take your Valentine out on a date! If you have a picture, post it as well and Happy Valentines Day to all! If you have a name for your car, be sure to share it with us too.

-Till next time...

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