I ❤️️ March Madness!

I’m not sure about you, but I love March Madness! Don’t get me wrong, I’m not much of a Basketball buff, and worse than that, I’m a FSU junkie so like any good fan, I keep thinking… this IS the year!! We’re gonna make it and we’re gonna go big! Instead... we go home, and usually pretty early. (If they gave points for worst brackets, I’d more than likely win them!) But that’s not my joy. I love hearing about the little Cinderella team that came out of nowhere! It’s just fun to watch them keep all the big schools on edge and makes things interesting!

I’m also excited at home because our sweet little princess is turning into a nocturnal, fire breathing, teething monster that might actually be a Gremlin! No really, she starts out all sweet and cuddly during the day and everyone says how cute and happy she is. Until she eats after midnight and then she gets all ‘chew her crib’ and ‘scream-cry’ until my wife kicks me out of bed to calm her down. Yes it could be worse, but it's fun to see her grow and notice the changes, even if loss of sleep is the cost! It’s also pretty amazing to see her eat and want the lasagna and not the veggies. It’s the little things that keep you young and make you smile.

Just like the little things with my daughter make us laugh, or the little underdog Basketball programs upsetting your bracket can make you crazy, NOT noticing the little things with your vehicle can make you cry. Before it gets Florida hot, now’s the time to do that coolant flush you’ve avoided all these years. Seems small, but miles and miles of coolant breaking down along with the heavy metals and rust in your cooling system (from normal wear) can have drastic effects on your engine. When thermostats start to clog up or radiators start to lose flow due to sediment, your engine starts to run hotter than designed. Overheating engine components turn simple coolant flushes into over-pressurized and cracked radiators or even worse, major engine damage! (Major engine damage is code for EXPENSIVE!)

Most manufacturers recommend flushing at 60,000/90,000/120,000 miles and so on to keep everything cooling as designed. We all know this cool weather is fleeting and it will be summer before we know it. Let’s avoid the out of nowhere upsets along with little monster disasters and schedule a coolant flush with your scheduled maintenance today to treat you car like the !

-Till next time...

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