Teetering and Tottering

So we have some very exciting news, Blyth, our daughter, took her first steps this weekend!

No April fools joke here, our baby is growing up so fast. Last year I was painting and decorating a baby room with unimaginable expectations and now we’re playing a complex game of “Come to me” while she stumbles, steps, and crashes on a padded diaper bottom. Check her out on YouTube! https://youtu.be/6Okl0J6On5s

Don’t get me wrong, 2-3 steps forward, 1 back, some swaying side to side, and then a plop on a diaper counts! Our family is super excited and love watching how excited she gets when she stands on her own, or picks something up and walks over to us. It’s really neat to see her get her bearings and focus on balance as she is mastering her new talent. Things we take for granted but are vital for us to get around.

Just like Blyth is learning her navigation skills and how to keep moving forward, the steering and suspension of your vehicle is doing the same thing. Tires keep you rolling, alignments hold you straight, and suspensions and steering keep your vehicle heading in the right direction. If any of these get damaged, or just simply wear out, they can cause issues with the whole system.

During your automotive check up and service, we start with a test drive and addressing any known issues you tell us about. We’re looking for pulling, vibrations, and any subtle (or not so subtle) signs of wear on your tires, suspension, and steering. Tire wear patterns alone can tell us if you are out of alignment, have shocks or struts failing, or if there are suspension issues we need to address to keep you safe.

Once on a lift we can tell you if shocks or steering systems are leaking, check your ball joints and suspension, as well as check out the rest of your vehicle. By manually turning tires up/down and left/right we can tell you if ball joints or control arms have worn out and need replacing. All these systems are connected and moving parts that influence each other. Worn suspension parts cause poor alignment which can cause premature tire wear, or can become serious safety issues, not to mention costing you money. I’m talking tires falling off cars serious!


FREE Suspension & Steering Check Up

(Normally $49.99)

Offer good until 4/30/18...Call Today!

All this said, at Inmon Automotive our number one concern is for you and your family's safety and for you to get the most out of your investment. Vehicles aren’t cheap and loved ones are irreplaceable. From our teetering and tottering family to yours, may your roads be straight and steering hold true.

-Till next time...

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