The Futures so Bright...I've Gotta Wear Shades!

Hello Spring! I’m not sure about you, but especially as an adult, I love this time of year! This year, even more than most, since we’ve had a really long lasting “winter”. I love putting my garden in and watching everything start to flourish. Seeing trees and flowers budding and new growth is always invigorating and inspiring. Hence, my honey-do list has quadrupled! Thx wife! (BTW May 22nd will be 8 fabulous year of Marriage, BAM!)

The downside of Springtime in Florida is my allergies become a monsterous being that storms my sinuses as if invading a castle and every time a thunderstorm rolls through I feel like my knees and hips are going to explode! Yeah I’m getting old, (thank God for anti-inflammatory drugs and antihistamines) and on top of that, we all know that the sweltering heat is around the corner and soon to be on our doorstep. But that’s why we live here! I can’t wait for every weekend to be a possible beach vacation, even if only for the day! I love the longer hours of sunlight; that way we can soak up the rays and relax or hit it hard and knock out those projects.

So really, to me Springtime represents endless possibilities! Will we have adventures and travel near and far or stay home and read a book? Will I plant peppers or tomatoes...or both?! So many wondrous choices that we have at our fingertips, if only we seize the moment.

So what will you do and how can we help? First off, give us a call before you head out on your adventures and schedule a vehicle check up. I can’t tell you how many road trip delays I’ve had due to failing to service a vehicle, or having to replace tires that had no business being on the road.

Roadside repairs are costly and add stress to awesome family adventures. Our pre-trip inspections take about an hour and will hopefully help you avoid a disaster. Or, maybe we help you decide to rent something instead of adding the wear and tear on your daily driver. Either way, we help you prepare and keep you safe!

Our main focus in repairing vehicles is treating everyone like family and living this life together. Your safety is our main priority and the relationships we build are a close second.

Until next time… Stay adventurous!

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