Happy Feet!

I learn something new as a father almost every day! Mainly they are reminders that my wife is always correct and that it's only a matter of time before my daughter follows suit! With this in mind, my latest education is that my 15-month-old daughter has more shoes than I’ve ever owned and that my wife has found numerous shoes that come in both her and Blyths size! Yes, they are twinsies in multiple outfits and yes I’m rolling my eyes, but I can’t help but smile when Blyth is Lyndsay's “Mini Me”. They do make a cute pair.

Taking care of your feet is always a good idea, whether it is orthopedics for comfort, flops for the beach or snazzy dress shoes for a night on the town. I personally love a good pair of flops or boat shoes from the “Drifthouse” in Merritt Square Mall, but my wife and daughter NEED to have shoes for every occasion and outfit… Go figure! They also have to make sure their toes look and feel good and where best to go than “Beachside Beauty Bar” over in Cocoa Beach.

Now fellas, I’m man enough to admit, having good looking shoes for the occasion helped land me the catch of a woman I married, and I’m not opposed to having someone else cut my toenails and wash my feet especially after a mud run or hard day’s work. So I appreciate taking care of my feet with good shoes for both the task at hand and I’d like them to look good.

I feel the same about tires on my truck. I’m not trying to go mudding and make cleaning my truck another task on my honey-do-list, but I love the feel and look of a new set of tires. Especially now that we are in storm season, I find great comfort in keeping traction while driving through puddles or in the rain. It gives me confidence that I’ll get my family where we are going safely.

With that said, if you feel your tires are getting worn out or they are cracking due to age, schedule an appointment and let us take a look at them. There is nothing worse than a blowout or flat while on vacation or driving around, especially if you “kinda thought” you needed tires.

Here’s someone’s tire that made his day a bad one. It wasn’t in good shape, even before the flat.

With that said, for the first time ever we are running tire specials from June 1st through September 1st. We have factory rebates, Free Pedicure vouchers and Shoe Gift Card available if you are buying 4 new tires. Give us a call and let’s see what we can set you up in. Remember… Brakes stop your tires, your TIRES stop your car! Till next time!

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