Blow Outs!

Last weekend I learned a valuable lesson… Don’t use nasal spray before you check your baby’s diaper, especially when she first wakes up. Now, some of you may know exactly what I’m talking about when you enhance your sense of smell and then add a dirty diaper, or even worse a blow out! These things happen, so I don’t need lectures on sinus care or that I should cherish these memories. In fact, I’d rather forget that lovely aroma and cherish the day she can handle THAT herself! Besides, what food could possibly make that color green! Yuck!

Regardless of what color it is, blowouts and dirty diapers go with being a parent of a baby. So too with owning a car or truck. Some things, like a tire blowout, are unavoidable.

I know some of us out there know the terrifying thrill of cruising down the highway or interstate only to have a front or rear tire come apart and scare the Lord right back into us! You remember the loud hum, strange vibration, deafening explosion followed up by sheer horror as you try to navigate traffic to get to the side of the road safely. All while hearing and seeing chunks of tire slam into your wheel well before they sling themselves off onto the side of the road or into traffic.

If you’ve experienced this, I commend you on your survival. We probably share similar experiences. For those that didn’t know it could happen, it is less likely to take place if you have good tires on your vehicle. In the Florida weather, the sun and heat do a number on tires and If you keep your vehicle maintained, tires rotated and steering in good shape… you MIGHT get 50-60k miles out of your tires, no matter which brand you choose. For you overachievers that can get more, I applaud you!

Our suggestion is to have our certified technicians maintain your vehicles and take care of your tires to protect your investment. This Summer we have a tire special where you can get a bonus if you buy 4 tires as well as the possibility of factory rebates as they become available. We offer a variety of great tires for my parents, family and friends - including all of you!

If you ever have questions about your tires or think you feel something strange, come on by and we can evaluate your tires so we can make the necessary recommendations or adjustments as needed. Remember, your brakes stop your tires, but your tires stop your car.

See you next time!

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