Isn't Life Funny?!?

It amazes me how funny life is! August is my birthday month and yes, I try to celebrate all month long. But, as I look back on my life, I have to laugh. Daily it seems something happens that makes us smile, giggle, or is so outlandishly wild that I have to laugh at it!

For instance, we live in Florida, with pools and water nearby. So, my beautiful daughter is taking safety swim lessons at age 15 months, and daily it seems like she poops in the pool! Yes, she has like 3 swim diapers and every known containment clothing possible as to NOT contaminate the pool, but it still happens. Swimming is terrifying for a 15 month old, even if she laughs and loves it! This stresses and embarrasses my wife to no end. To me, I think its hilarious! I mean what are the chances a baby would do that...right? Daily!

Then there’s the construction at our house. Yes, we are one of those that, FINALLY, got insurance to address the roof and ceiling damage from Irma. So, of course it looks like a bomb went off and not one room is as it should be. So we laugh at all the crap that needs to be given to Goodwill or thrown out. We laugh at the mess and we laugh as we dream of how to put it back together and put things right.

I think car repairs are the same or are at least such a major part of our lives that sometimes you have to laugh when we dodge a major issue or if we have to bite the bullet.

Now, I’m not telling you we are gonna laugh at you when you come in at your moment of need, because that’s just wrong and we have all been there before! But we will give you an honest answer to your questions, we will give you a thorough diagnosis and offer the correct solutions to keep you safe and make the necessary repairs. Some customers ask that we hide the truth behind the cause of the repair, especially if it was avoidable… and we smile and promise NOT to tell your wife that is was your fault something failed… or that you should have replaced the part she told you to replace 3 months ago. We don’t go there!

We will help you plan out your repairs if we can. We will help you categorize safety, maintenance and nuisance issues so you leave educated and informed. Because at the end of the day, that's what we do best! We give you the tools and information to make the best decisions for your vehicle.

I’ll wrap this up with life is short and fragile, so please laugh when you can!

Until next time!

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