"Food Glorious Food - Food Pantries In Crisis Mode"

The other day my wife and I discovered that our daughter has been learning sign language at her daycare! Can you imagine, a 16-month old using sign language and not just to say “Dad is #1” ? It’s true - and it’s awesome, especially because she’s learning how to communicate for ‘MORE’ food or when she’s ‘DONE’ eating. I thought that was pretty cool and wanted to share and then I came across a local news article.

If you you’ve been paying attention to the local news, and you can filter out all the annoying political ads and bashing, you might have seen that there is a food shortage in our local Food Banks. On August 21st Florida Today ran an article titled “Space Coast food pantries ‘in crisis mode’ with supplies at all time lows; donations needed”. I have to be honest, I’m part of the generation that has never had a house phone much less a newspaper delivered, but I try and keep up with what’s going on. Then my heart broke imagining my sweet little monster asking for ‘MORE’ when she is hungry and our not having the food to give her! (Yep, kinda started to tear up here!)

So, we are doing something about this local need and we need your help! From Sept 4th-14th, if you bring us a Brown Paper Grocery Bag full of Non-Perishable Groceries, Inmon Automotive we will give you a FREE OIL change. We believe as a community we can come together and help each other out in our time of need. All donated food is going to the Sharing Center of Central Brevard and they are helping push this through their social media and volunteer outlets to spread the word.

If you don’t need an oil change, I’ll swap the cost and put it toward any repairs or service you need. If your car is running great, you can always just donate as well. Feel free to bring more than the minimum as there is always a need for more food!

Please call in to schedule an appointment. If you need more details reach out and we can give you the specifics. As a society we may not always see eye to eye, but I believe we can all agree that knowing our friends and neighbors are going hungry is something we can change, and we should do it together!

Until next time!

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