New Way To Say I Love You!

With Valentine's Day around the corner, most people can easily agree that February, according to the internet, is the Official “Chocolate Lovers month” as well as the “Creative Romance Month”. Both of these are easily marketed with heart shaped boxes, flowers, and people trying their best to come up with something special for their loved ones. But how boring and habitual are flowers and candy for Valentines Day?

At Inmon Automotive we want to offer a different way to show your affection to your loved ones and what better way, than a Car Care Club Coupon book! This way, anyone can make sure their vehicle is taken care of, limiting the amount of time they might need to borrow your car or need rides!

Who needs to shout to the mountains when you can proclaim your love with four free oil changes, free tire rotations, 1 free AC check and multiple coupons and discounts on standard services!

What better way to say ‘I love you’ than providing an easy way for your loved ones to maintain their chariots, not to mention that our Coupon Book is worth over $425 in savings?!

And to help you out, we will give you a free box of chocolates with every Car Care Club purchase.

Normally this Coupon Book is priced at $125, but for February we love our customers so much that we are offering these Coupons for $99! Yes, for only $99 you can show your love in a way that will last all year long, and keep your cars running for years to come!

***Disclaimer- I strongly suggest adding flowers and chocolates to this gift to sweeten the pot! No need to ruffle feathers or end up in the dog house!

Until Next time!

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