My Broken Valentine

Sometimes I have a hard time balancing work, life and Social Media. So if this post hits a nerve, I apologize.

Most of our friends and family know that we adopted 2 pointer mixed dogs 5 years back: Doak, the boy, and his sister Ren. We have lovingly called them the twins, and before Blyth came along, they were our only “children.”

Well, about 2 years back we learned that Doak was born with kidney disease and was given 6-9 months to live. Apparently, kidney disease in dogs is a death sentence and not much you can do about it, even with special diets. Luckily, for us, we did everything we could to help him out and have been blessed with about a year and half longer with our sweet boy than we expected.

The heartbreak is we finally came to terms with his declined health and chose to lay him to rest right before Valentines Day this year.

If you’ve ever had to make that decision, you know what we’re still going through and you do your best to celebrate the life you’ve shared and hopefully, find a little comfort in knowing that pain is over. No more accidents in the house, or being too tired to play. No more heartache when you know he loves food, but won’t touch anything, not even the bacon you’re not supposed to be sneaking him.

So, after lots of tears, and lots of loving on Ren (his sister) and apologies for doing what was needed we’re left with lots of pictures and fond memories!

Here is where I would normally turn this into something automotive and talk about knowing when it’s time to let your old car go, but instead I’d rather celebrate our fur babies and smile!

So, I’m asking for you to go to our Facebook page and post a pic of your family, pets included. I can’t wait to see the love and joy in your pictures if you choose to participate!

Until Next time!

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