Spring Cleaning

April 24, 2019


So, we painted Easter eggs this weekend with Blyth and found out a couple of things. First, she really liked all the colors and making a mess. Second, the only way we could get her to clean up her mess was to create a game and make it fun. And third, eggs dye best when you slam them into the colored water and say ‘BOOM’! Yes, we had a blast! But like all good parties, there is the dreaded clean up. And, like I said, tricking a 2-year-old into cleaning up after herself is no easy task.


The best part about her painting eggs was seeing her creativity in making something new. Springtime has always represented "new" to me, especially since I have a springtime baby girl.


I think most folks try and do a spring cleaning of sorts. Whether that’s service on your vehicle or cleaning out that closet you’ve been avoiding all year. My nemesis seems to always be reorganizing the garage at my house. No matter how often I clean up, It just seems to always need a good spring cleaning!



With all the newness in the air, it turns out at Inmon Automotive we are looking for a fresh new technician to join our family. We are searching for the perfect person, who is safety driven, detail oriented and has a passion for keeping our friends and families safe in Merritt Island. If this sounds like someone you may know, we’d love to be introduced. Just have them swing by the shop and pick up an application and we’ll take it from there.


So, until next time... 



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