Happy Anniversary!

For my family, May is and will always be pretty special! I asked my wife out on our official first date on May 4th (so May the 4th be with you all!). Our first date actually happened a few months before, but it was a practice run that neither of us thought would work out! Ha! Now, almost a decade later and we are celebrating our 9th wedding anniversary on May 22nd! Happy Anniversary my Love!

No matter what you are celebrating, anniversaries are always exciting to look forward to and appreciate!

For instance, many of you know Inmon Automotive is Celebrating 60 YEARS of servicing Merritt Island and Brevard County this year! That’s huge, and not many businesses, or marriages for that matter, can make that kind of claim! We started out with a coin toss and a desire to repair radiators that has grown into a full blown auto repair facility. If you have never heard our story, come on by and grab one of our pamphlets or let one of us share it with you. We love to tell our story and meet folks who want to hear about it!

Keep a lookout for our 60th Anniversary birthday party later on this year, and keep celebrating the good times, happy occasions and the anniversaries of all the precious moments and achievements in our lives!

Also, please keep a lookout for your friends and family members that are Automotive technicians and love to keep cars safe and running. We are looking to add an amazing team member that will celebrate many years with us as well.

So, until next time...

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