Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

December 12, 2019




As the year races by, it’s great to look around and appreciate the things that mean the most in our lives. This past year had some pretty tough events where I said goodbye to some family members as well as welcomed a few more that I can’t wait to meet over the Holidays!


I’ve witnessed my daughter go from a clumsy 1-year-old to a mouthy, energizer bunny, that can’t stop, won’t stop and loves Disney, especially Frozen. I’ve seen some changes and renovations at my house as we revamped our bathroom and had a new roof put on, and I have seen some much-needed cleanup at the shop as we prepared for our 60th birthday party!


Changes and events are always taking place and we can easily miss them by blinking. Hopefully, your families will try and come together like mine do and can celebrate each other this holiday season. I challenge each of you to reach out and mend any relationships that need mending, and strengthen any relationships that may need a hug or a phone call.  Life is short and unpredictable, so I challenge you to make the most of it!


With that being said, I pray for everyone's safety and sanity in traveling this holiday season and look forward to seeing each of you next year. As always, let us check out your vehicles before any long trips to help avoid any unwanted time spent broken down on the road.


Until Next Time...












JP Snead




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