What Did You Celebrate?

What did you celebrate last month? Whether it’s a Birthday, anniversary, being healthy or anything else, let’s celebrate!

This past weekend we celebrated my Daughters 4th birthday and had a blast! We got a bounce house, played in the pool and had 3-4 of her life long friends over for the day. The Pizza, cupcakes and ice cream flowed and it felt like being back to normal!

So we celebrated! We Thanked God for good health and happiness and felt normal! So, thank all of you that gave Birthday wishes. My little Princess Mermaid had a blast.

Normal and happiness is what we all want, and I think we're starting to get there.

At Inmon Automotive we also seek to provide you normal and happiness in your vehicle. Most people call us when something is off, which is perfect! You know your vehicle’s brakes, AC and everything else more than we ever will. We know how to fix all the issues, but you feel them, smell them, and hear them every day and when there is something different, you are the first to know.

So let’s celebrate being normal for a bit. Let’s call those we miss, let’s celebrate everything we can and let's keep our vehicles running normal!

Until next time...

Owner/Operator JP Snead

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