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Alternator Repair and Services in Merritt Island, FL - Inmon Automotive Services

Alternator Repair and Services

The Alternator is a part of your starting and charging system in your vehicle. Most alternators are controlled by your ECM (the vehicles computer) to control how much power is generated for the vehicles needs. Alternators usually charge the battery and provide enough power for the vehicle to operate and function normal. Alternators usually put out anywhere from 13-14+ Amps depending on the vehicles needs and design.

When you alternator goes bad, your vehicle is forced to draw power from your battery, causing a battery to be drained or go bad as well. On the other side, if the battery is going bad it can cause an alternator to work overtime to try and keep it charged, effectively burning up your alternator.

At Inmon Automotive we have various ways to test your alternator to ensure that your charging system is operating correctly. We have the tools and knowledge to keep your vehicle running smoothly and to make sure your car starts and runs when you need it. We provide the repair you can trust!

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