Automotive AC Service and Repair

Does Your Auto Air Conditioning Have Any of These Problems?

We all know how important auto air conditioning is to people living in Florida. With temperatures in the 90's more often than we would like, having an air conditioning system that works is important.

Some problems can be avoided with regular maintenance. Some need repair, unfortunately.

1. Is Your Air Cold?

There might be some common reasons:

  • Your refrigerant is low
  • You might have a bad condenser
  • You have a bad compressor
  • If you hear some weird sounds, it could be because the compressor is dying. Or maybe there is something else wrong, like holes or parts that are broken.

2. Does It Feel Like a Sauna Inside Your Car or Truck?

If it is moist, chances are you have moisture or something else stuck in the AC system.

3. Does The Air Smell Like a Locker Room?

If your AC hasn't been used in awhile, which means your car or truck was up North in the winter, you could have some micro-organisms living large in your system.

4. Would You Have to Call a Car Plumber, If One Existed?

If you see leaks on the ground or somewhere else, give us a call because your car or truck might have a refrigerant leak, which isn't good for your car or the environment.

Come In for a Free AC Check and Let Us Help You Stay Cool

Keeping it Cool...

Just like we protect our bodies from the sun and heat, your car may need some help as well. High temperatures in sunny Florida are torture on your cars AC and Cooling systems. Most vehicles AC will get them 30-40 degrees cooler than outside temperatures. Though that might not seem enough, 70 degrees while sitting in traffic is WAY cooler than 100 degrees! The good news is that once the vehicle gets moving and more air is moved across your condenser, you should get another 5-10 degrees cooler.

Same thing for your engine. Your Cooling fans are working overtime to move air and once you start driving the wind across your radiator starts contributing immediately.
Note: Overheating engines (in most cars) will affect your AC. We’ve seen many AC check outs develop into an underlying Cooling system issue. Cars that ‘just need’ a refrigerant top off, usually have a small leak somewhere, and sometimes they are hard to find. So it's important to get these checked out by a professional to save you both time and money in expensive repairs.

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