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Engine Diagnostics in Merritt Island, FL - Inmon Automotive Services

Engine Diagnostics

The Importance of Engine Diagnostics

How do you know if your engine is running correctly or if it needs service? At a glance, your check engine light is a good starting point as well as any other dash board warning lights. Most modern vehicles have multiple sensors that are telling the engines computer what is happening and how things are operating. When sensors wear out, or when the readings are outside the expected parameters, a check engine light comes on saying your engine needs attention. As, the primary driver of the vehicle, you may feel something is off as well. Maybe you feel a vibration, hear a noise or smell something odd. All signs that your vehicle needs to be sent to a shop that can help you get protect your investment!

Our Services

At Inmon Automotive we use the best equipment and highly trained technicians to check out your vehicle and keep you on the road. Our techs have over 80 years of combined experience in working on vehicles. 

Diagnosing the Issue

When the check engine light comes on, it gives our technicians a direction to fix your vehicle. Sometimes the light indicates where we need to go to fix the issue. Other times it may point us in a direction that may take multiple troubleshooting items to address and test. Our highly skilled technicians do their best to get you fixed the right way the first time and strive to keep your vehicles on the road and safe! 

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