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Monthly Archives: December 2023

Can I Keep Driving with My Check Engine Light On

Can I Keep Driving with My Check Engine Light On

In the realm of automotive anxiety, few things trigger concern as much as the glowing check engine light on your dashboard. It's a signal that something might be amiss under the hood, but the burning question for many drivers is whether it's safe to keep driving when this warning beacon is aglow. Decoding the Check Engine Light The check engine light serves as a catch-all indicator, illuminating for various reasons, from minor issues to potentially more severe problems. One common misconception is that as long as the car seems to be running fine, continuing to drive with the check engine light on is acceptable. However, this approach comes with its set of risks. Risks of Ignoring the Warning Ignoring the check engine light can lead to a domino effect of issues. What may start as a seemingly minor glitch could escalate into more significant problems if left un ... read more

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