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A Mix of Emotions

At breakfast yesterday, in a matter of 2 minutes, my beautiful 3 yr old daughter ran the spectrum of every emotion I can think of. I mean from, happy to sad to crying to nervous and confused to angry crying to hysterically laughing… all this over Cheerios or Rice Krispies for breakfast! Now, if you’ve ever been around toddlers, you’re smiling because you’ve been there and done that. This happens in my life from time to time, but what hit home with this emotional unloading was how much I could relate to her feelings.

With everything going on with the uncertainty of COVID -19 and then all the Civil Rights issues and protesting, like most people I am experiencing emotions...lots of emotions. So, like I tell my daughter, emotions are OK and real. It’s how we handle them that really matters.

As far as COVID-19 goes, I’m celebrating that it looks like we may have avoided something truly terrible, and am praying that we don’t have another round. Knock on wood, fingers crossed, prayers sent, etc.

The Civil Rights issues are harder to write about. (Yet again, emotions!) Basically we all have the RIGHT to be treated equally and fairly. All in all, we all deserve to be heard and treated fairly.

My family's business will continue to serve our customers and community with respect and treat others how we want to be treated. We will continue to offer fair, honest services to all of our customers and we will do our part, both at work and home.

Father and Daughter | Inmon Automotive

I pray others will do the same, and we’ll come together as a unified country. If you need to talk about your brakes, air conditioning or cooling systems give us a call. If you need a friend to hear you out, we’re here for you as well. If you sit in our waiting room for any amount of time, you’ll hear us ask about your family and kids because we care. Together we will make the world better.

Until next time...


JP Snead

Nextdoor Neighborhood Favorite | Inmon Automotive

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