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Monthly Archives: November 2022

What Causes a Car To Overheat?

What Causes a Car To Overheat?

Engine overheating is a common problem for people who use gas cars. Apart from the obvious discomfort, overheating can cause damage to the engine and other critical components. Overheating occurs when the heat generated by the motor exceeds the normal operating temperature, or the cooling system fails. How to Detect Overheating If your car overheats while you are driving, you will: • see an ‘H' warning on the temperature gauge • feel a strange smell coming from the engine • or see steam or smoke coming from under the hood A Problem in The Cooling System Engine overheating is caused by a malfunctioning cooling system. The cooling system regulates engine temperature by circulating a coolant through the engine and releases excess heat through the radiator. The most common causes of overheating include: Insufficient Coolant Your engine should have a 50/50 mix of coolant and water. The engine can overheat if there is too litt ... read more

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