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Due Dates

I’d like to take a moment and speak with the parents out there. If you did not know, my family is on the verge of growing at the end of this month. My son, John Ivan Snead, ‘due’ Nov 1st, but if he follows suit with his sister, he’ll be here early and maybe even a Halloween baby!

Father, Mother, and daughter | Inmon Automotive

Having a child is probably the most exciting thing I have ever been a part of, and having a second is not much different than the first. We are excited, hopeful and really just can’t wait to meet the ball of joy! The funny part is, both my wife and I have stopped each other and said, “what have we done?!” It’s funny I know; we are going from a potty-trained 4.5 yr old to a brand new baby! We are over the moon and can’t wait to show pictures when my wife allows it.

Thank goodness due dates for services are not like babies being born! Now, I get that some vehicles are treated like babies and cared for even better than some folks treat their children, but I’ll not get into that! Due dates on services are pretty set. It is up to the vehicle owner to either follow those recommendations or ignore them. It’s really that simple. The complication comes, when the wallet dictates the repair and planning was skipped. WE understand! Life happens!

At Inmon Automotive we do our best to help you plan keeping your baby maintained. Whether it’s tune ups, hoses and coolant, tires, brakes, belts or air filters, we try and help you plan out the future for when these things may be needed. A good rule to live by is most cars have scheduled maintenance due at 30k, 60k, 90k, 120k and 150k miles. If you ever have a question about when your Due date is or what’s involved, swing on by or give us a call!

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JP Snead

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