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BOO! Did I scare ya? Probably not, especially when it seems like every time I turn on the news, real life events that are taking place across our great country seem way too scary as is!

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I don’t want to get into politics, or discuss whether marching and protesting is needed, but I know there are lots of people scared and worried about our future. I know there is lots of concern with Covid-19 still and as a repair shop, we are starting to have issues with getting parts, due to all the craziness.

What I don’t want you to be scared about is your vehicle and your family's safety! At Inmon Automotive we perform a 52-point inspection every time you come in to help keep you safe. We look at brakes, air conditioning, cooling systems, belts, hoses, batteries, tires and everything bumper-to-bumper to give you the best advantage in a world gone MAD!

No, we don’t have a “magic eight ball” but we do have over 125 years of combined experience working on vehicles. We have ASE Certified Techs (this shows people who are serious about being a mechanic) and service writers and most importantly, our employees care about you and your family!

We take your repairs very seriously and want you to remain safe when driving around. If you’re ever worried, scared or even just a little uncomfortable with your vehicle and its performance, give us a call.

Our team will help ease your worries and check out any noise, vibration or even the ‘just a feeling’ that something is off feeling for you. Always feel free to request pictures, videos or even come on by to walk under your vehicle to see exactly what we see. Eric or myself would love to show you your vehicle. Please be safe out there this Halloween season and let us help exorcise any ghosts or goblins from your vehicles.

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