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That New Car Smell

ATTENTION EVERYONE! I am the proud uncle of a BEAUTIFUL baby GIRL!

Baby Girl | Inmon Automotive

In midst of a Covid-19, and 2020 (the year nothing seems to be going right in the world era), I’m super excited to meet my brother's youngest and newest addition…Alexis!

Alexis was born on 9/11 and is perfectly Healthy! Mommy and Baby are doing great and Blyth cannot wait to meet her new, and only girl, cousin. We are super excited as well. So from the man who says “I can’t make a girl”... Congrats Bro, she is beautiful!

Baby Girl | Inmon Automotive

Like a brand new baby with all the smells (good and bad) and all the different routines involved, getting a new vehicle is very similar. For instance before you bring your new baby home, you do doctor visits, read lots of books on raising kids, or some people just "Wing it”.

Baby Girl | Inmon Automotive

New Cars and trucks are very similar. You research and plan as best you can, then you invest and bring your new ride home…. Or at least you should research and plan. We tell customers all the time that unless your "New, or new to you” vehicle comes with a dealership or manufacturer warranty, let us look at it BEFORE you buy!

BEFORE, you buy is key for a number of reasons:

  1. If the Dealership, used car lot, or private seller DOES NOT want your technician, (you know, the person who will be maintaining your vehicle with you for the next few years, or lifetime of the vehicle), to do an inspection, That's a huge RED FLAG! Why not?
  2. For about $100 and an hour of time, we test drive, put up on the rack and go through your vehicle bumper to bumper. We do not have a crystal ball, but our certified and knowledgeable techs CAN tell you if the vehicle shows signs of a wreck, what has or has not been maintained, and then more importantly… what items will need to be replaced or fixed in the next 6 months to a year. Will you need brakes or tires in the future? Has the timing belt or tune up ever been done? How do your belts and hoses look, etc?
  3. IF, we see anything that needs to be addressed, we’ll give you an estimate for the repairs and now YOU have a NEGOTIATION tool to help with the price. Will they address the items, or lower the price so you can get them fixed?

Like I said, the key is BEFORE the purchase. But if you skipped that step, don’t worry. We think it’s worth the investment so you can get to know your vehicle ASAP and avoid issues. If you want pictures or to be here for the inspection, just ask and we will accommodate!

Father and Daughter | Inmon Automotive

Whether it's new baby girls or the car of your dreams, we have the experience and advice to help you out.... Just no returns on those babies!

Until next time...

Owner | Inmon Automotive


JP Snead

Nextdoor Neighborhood Favorite | Inmon Automotive

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