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What is an Oil Pan Gasket?

Gaskets, sensors, oil pans, and valves are parts and components of your car engine that facilitate a car's efficient and safe running. At the bottom section of the engine block lies an oil pan that covers the crankcase and is fastened to the engine using bolts. An oil pan serves as a motor oil reservoir that circulates through the engine to lubricate and cool moving parts.

But what is an oil pan gasket? Read on and find out more.

What is Oil Pan Gasket?

The oil pan gasket is what seals your oil pan to the engine block to prevent oil from leaking as it flows from the pan to the engine and back. It also acts as a cushion to avoid damage that vibrations from the engine may cause.

Oil pan gaskets are made from durable materials like steel and aluminized seals with a rubber coating that can withstand high heat and pressure. However, the type of oil pan gasket in your car depends on the oil pan material. For instance, a pressed steel pan uses a rubber gasket, while aluminum pans use liquid silicone as a gasket.

Oil Pan Gasket Damage

Though gaskets are made of durable material, the rubber parts will dry and crack after some time, causing them to wear out. This means that oil pan gaskets may fail and cause oil to leak after continuous use.

An oil leak is a common sign of a damaged oil pan gasket. Other clues to look out for include:

  • Overheating- car oil helps to keep the engine cool. But when the oil level reduces, the engine will not be able to prevent heat due to friction, leading to overheating.
  • Low oil level- when you notice a lower than usual oil level, it signifies an oil leak.
  • Oil spots under your car- While there are other causes of an oil leak, oil spots under your vehicle may indicate oil pan gasket failure.
  • Black smoke- when oil drips onto the exhaust manifold, it causes black smoke to come from under the hood, which is a sure sign of an oil leak.

Always check the oil level, as running your car in low oil can cause severe engine damage. We invite you to bring your vehicle into our auto repair shop today for oil pan gasket repair.


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