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How do you know when your electrical system is in need of testing? 

I remember growing up and seeing the electrical check engine light come on and that meant I needed to swing by my auto shop to get it looked at. In some cars today, that still may work if the Alternator is starting to kill over. More than not most folks jump in, head to their destination and then come out to the dreaded 'click'. The radio may or may not play, but we all go through the motions of having a dead battery!

Actively testing is one way to make sure the battery is good at that moment in time, but with the batteries becoming smaller and smaller they DO NOT necessarily give us any warning when they cut out. One moment the plates inside are doing their magic creating a charge, and the net moment they have shorted out killing the battery leaving us stranded.

We are seeing more and more battery suppliers offering a 3 year warranty on batteries due to the Florida heat that tends to shorted the batteries lifespan. It goes the same for our Northern friends that are exposed to the bitter cold. What used to be a 5 year warranty is cut to 3 years.


​Another common sign of an aging battery is when the acid starts piling up on the terminals or the battery itself starts to swell. we recommend having terminals cleaned and preventative products applied to the terminals to help get your car started every time. This also helps you avoid that acid getting on wires and other engine components. 

At Inmon Auto, we perform a 52-point inspection every time your vehicle comes in so you can help avoid the dead battery situation. We recommend replacing your battery every 5 years to avoid being stranded, especially because we all know there is never a good time to be broke down.

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We offer an 18-month, 18,000-mile warranty on all parts, as well as towing assistance if needed.

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